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DONALD TRUMP RIDES THE BEAST US President who vests the might of entire world rides, while in his country and on tours abroad, is the cause of curiosity for everyone. When on road he travels in General Motors manufactured Cadillac, which is transported to the country he visits, along with the rest of the security paraphernalia. The world leader doesn’t believe in anything less than that, even if the host country is capable of doing that. A special convoy of ‘the Beast’ arrives before President reaches the host country. 

  1. The United States’ Presidential state car is the ‘Beast’ model of General Motors manufactured Cadillac-One. It is also called the Stagecoach. Currently, Donald Trump travels in latest model launched in September 2018
  2. It costs USD 1.5 million and weighs 9,000 kilograms. It’s an armored car, bullet, and blast resistant, having five inches thick armory made of a combination of ceramic, steel, titanium, and aluminum, making it capable of breaking down all incoming projectiles towards the US president’s car. It is perceived to be safer than an armored tank
  3. The doors are armor-plated and is eight-inch thick, making it as heavy as a cabin door of a Boeing 757 jet. When closed, the doors create a 100 percent seal to protect the president even from a chemical attack
  4. The windows are a combination of five layers of glass and polycarbonate and can withstand piercing bullets. The Cadillac has a number of features to protect the US President and has earned the title of the safest machine moving on Earth.
  5. The tyres are Kevlar reinforced which makes it shred and puncture-proof along with steel rims underneath that enables it to escape in case the tyres are destroyed. Kevlar is a heat resistant and a strong synthetic fiber 
  6. The fuel tank, too, is armour plated and covered with a thick layer of foam to prevent a blast even if directly hit
  7. The interiors of the Beast are even more interesting than what is outside. The car is equipped with a pump action shotgun, tear gas cannon, fire fighting systems and tear and smoke screen dispensers. The car has a satellite phone that connects passengers directly to the Vice-president and the Pentagon
  8. Interestingly, the car also always carries blood sample of the president, if he needs a transfusion. The car is also equipped with a tear gas launcher just below the headlights and sports night vision cameras on the bonnet
  9. The car can seat four passengers and has a glass partition that only Trump can lower. The car has a panic button and its own oxygen supply
  10. The Beast is maintained by the US Secret Services, who also train the chauffeur to cope with the most demanding driving conditions, including escape and evasion along with a 180-degree

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