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Immigration: Perceived bane but actually boon (Debate)

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Nationalistic thoughts and divisive political debates do narrow our perspective about the immigration. According to an online survey by the IPSOS Global Advisor over four in ten immigrants are causing their country to change the way they do not like.

Twice as many think immigration has had a negative impact on their country than positive. Three in five (59%) on average think terrorists are pretending to be refugees to get into their country. This belief is highest in Turkey and Russia (82% in both) while lowest in Spain (19%) and Serbia (36%).

Most countries are concerned for immigration putting pressure on public services. In 17 of the 25 countries surveyed at least half said they agreed immigration is placing too much pressure on national public services.

In fact, immigrant and migration are among the defining features of modern era. All continents are involved in the mass movement of people here and there. In the 21st century, immigration is the human face of globalization and human development.

Worldwide, civil and ethnic wars, structural violence, environmental debacles, and growing economic inequality between nations are the cause behind the rapid displacement of people since World War II.

Demographic analyses advise that by another 50 years, the USA will be the first major advanced post-industrial society in history to become minority-majority. This is already evident in many states including California.

Immigration is both history and destiny of the United States of America, the President Donald Trump might have referred the immigrants as snakes who bite the natives at an appropriate time, apparently forgetting but he’s himself child of the immigrant parents and his present wife Melani is daughter of parents who immigrated to the great nation America.

His entire presidential poll campaign was based on immigrant versus the “natives”; and the “natives” turned heavy in his support. It is to be seen how of them were actually the real natives of the USA. Whatever the policies are it is almost impossible to stop or deter this trend.

Countries with the dearth of manpower have opted to use this displacement for their benefit, see Canada which is accepting Punjabis from India in hordes and from other nations also; attracting best of the talent from third world countries with their structured skilled migration programs.

Migration is a natural process which occurs not only in mankind but also with animals. The problem is that we have divided our world into manmade nation-states, which are not natural. Then we try to stop migration at these artificial borders.

We must work for integration and not turn anti-migration and immigration and work for a border free society. Needs a discussion on the issue. Lets us dissect it.

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