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This day ten years ago Jagjit Singh was taken away from us to merge with the divine energy of the universe. The world lost one unique human and a supreme musician.

Jagjit Singh’s life encompassed a hoard of other qualities beyond music, composition and singing and possessed compassion, honesty, spiritual awareness and intelligence and unconditional love for everyone, and everything in the universe.

His energy lives and communicates silently with people around the world, be it through mellifluous soothing, healing voices or just by the wonderful memories of him that people hold in their hearts. He continues to touch people’s lives in in-numerous ways. He is one of those light workers, whom we often know as Angels, who keep working silently. Jagjit Singh was/is my Guru, my life partner, my friend and above all my protector. He protected not only me but my whole family, with his love and ability to wipe away our fears and miseries. He became a ‘SON’ to my parents, with his love and caring.

Jagjit Singh had been awarded with the ‘PADMA BHUSHAN’ award in 2003. But the one award that he admires all over the world has been waiting for and demanding is the ‘BHARAT RATNA’. Everyone knows that, in the field of music, there is perhaps no one more deserving than Jagjit Singh! Jagjit Singh chose ‘Ghazals’ as a vehicle for his profession in music, basically because of his love for Urdu poetry. His training for pure Indian classical music, his sensitivity and empathy for the general population, made him an expert in touching the innermost, deepest corners of the human heart. He was a ‘Pandit’ and ‘Ustaad’ in his knowledge and craft.

From Folk to Khayal to Thumri and devotional music, there was no field of music that he did not excel in. All his music compositions reflected these aspects. From the Orchestration to the sound balancing, mixing, editing, he managed everything by himself. He was a one man Institution. In India particularly beside the Folk music accompanying our rituals, seasons and festivals, two major genres ruled our music scene- Indian classical music and film music.

There was no third form to capture the imagination of the listener, till Jagjit Singh exploded on the musical horizon like a blazing meteor, to popularise the third form of music that our country in fact the whole world swayed to, the ‘GHAZALS’. Today 10 years after his departure, the field of Ghazals, in fact music in general, is dwindling. God knows if this situation can ever improve without the emergence of someone like Jagjit Singh, which seems pretty remote and farfetched.

Our Family and I had formed a foundation in Jagjit Singh’s name. But not much could be done for it for various reasons. But on this 10th Anniversary of legendary musician Jagjit Singh ji, we are happy to announce a series of activities in the upcoming future. The best talents all over the world will be chosen under the umbrella of ‘Jagjit Singh Foundation’. The chosen talents will be rendering 80 compositions of Jagjit ji in unique music concerts with some interesting additions for today’s listeners. This will be an online activity.

This year 2021- 2022 also happens to be the 80th / 81st birthday celebration year of Jagjit ji and we also want to celebrate and share this with all of you who love Jagjit Singh. Covid has impacted the timeline for this but not our spirits and love for Jagjit ji and his immortal music. Please watch out for further announcements.

About the author:
Chitra Singh

Chitra Singh Chitra Singh, a renowned ghazal singer is wife of ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh who passed away ten years ago. Both took ghazal singing to the masses and remained one of the most admired singing couples for many years. They were referred to as King and Queen of the ghazal singing.

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