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I wonder why the excise department of Punjab, portrays fudged figures in the media to be-fool people of Punjab, that State exchequer did not suffer any loss on account of poor receipt of the excise duty; meaning thereby that all the cabinet ministers of the Punjab are lying who in unison refuse to approve the excise policy that was placed before the Cabinet, ten day ago and led to furor when the ministers opposed it.

 It’s all the more appalling that the Congress MLAs and Punjab Ministers are seeking CBI probe in to the huge revenue losses for the last three years and selectively targeting the Chief Secretary Karan Avtar Singh, who held the charge of Secretary Excise for three years. Why Congress MLAs and Punjab Ministers, exclude and do not target the Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh, for his colossal failure in handling the portfolios of excise and taxation and home? Chief Minister is likewise responsible and squarely to be blamed for the gigantic revenue losses to the tunes of thousands of Crores to the State exchequer; as quoted by his own Ministers?

 The illegitimate operation of the ‘spurious Liquor Trade’ is being carried out in Punjab in full swing with the active support of the Excise & Taxation Minister of Punjab, Capt. Amarinder Singh. Just watch the intriguing scenario in Punjab, while all over India there were long queues on the opening of the liquor shops, but in Punjab, neither there is any crowed or serpentine queue on the liquor shops, to get the liquor stock in Punjab, which is otherwise known for its high consumption of booze.

 Ironically, the credit for no queues and no crowed on liquor Shops, ostensibly goes to our Chief Minister, Capt. Amarinder Singh who never allowed the habitual drinkers and the debauchees of Punjab to starve of liquor. His Government ensured that the sale of liquor must continue unabated despite Lockdown and curfew, though clandestinely under the protected umbrella and consent of the excise department.  Another glaringly bright scenario of Punjab, thanks to the ‘No Nonsense and radiant administration’ of Capt. Amarinder Singh.

 There used to be times in Punjab, when excise department with the help of the Police department, used to detect improvised hearths from the Sugarcane fields of the farmers, prepared for distilling illicit liquor and there used to be a shocking tremors in the media all over the spectrum; but now, in complete contrast and shocking to my ethics, illicit distilleries are found in the State, one after another, and quite reprehensibly, not even a ripple moves in the Government circles; Just because the covert lucrative business of distilling spurious liquor is being carried out by the Congressmen with the support of MLAs and Ministers. The spurious liquor was sold and purchased blatantly without any bill, particularly when Capt. Amarinder Singh is at the helm of Excise & Home portfolio besides being the Chief Minister of the State?

 The way events are unfolding, after the discoveries of illicit distilleries in Punjab, I have no hesitation in saying that the gigantic illicit liquor trade in Punjab should be termed as a ‘Royal Watergate’ and it’s a grim reminder of an undercover operation, with the blessings of the Chief Minister. Therefore the Government led by Capt. Amarinder Singh must be dismissed forthwith for the brazen and contemptuous violation of the each word of the solemn oath he took as Chief Minister ; swearing by the God and the Constitution of India.

  • The writer, Bir Devinder Singh, is a former deputy speaker of Punjab legislative assembly. He is a senior vice president of Shiromani Akali Dal (Taksali).


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