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The system has been  allowed to continue because the persons operating have  a premeditated thought process that it is not required to  change the established system and let it  stay  thereby actually glossing over all the noticed flaws and fissures. If some bold, intelligent and a person thinking beyond the immediate pay earning syndrome has tried to bring about the need to change the system radically he has always been in minority.

Keeping this as the backdrop – What next should be our agenda action plan to meet the challenge thrown by Maoists? Everybody knows that this war against  our own people has to be waged not for their bodies but for their  hearts and minds. Time has now come to understand the disparity of distribution of development spectrum or the development sunshine across the country. Most naxalite affected areas are basically those in which there has been development drought resulting in glaring disparity and deficiency when compared with developed areas of our country. These areas lack in basic infrastructure of education, health and communications. They are  totally devoid of any development activity therefore they breed contempt against the state as local people  perceive that their areas are being constantly exploited by the state by mining and tapping of the rich mineral resources while giving nothing or very little to them in return in form of development.

Time has now come to dump the old development model and look for a new model or a process. We need to formulate and initiate this new model post haste. The first step which needs to start the process is to immediately bring excellent governance to the people who have been deprived of it from long.

As most of these areas are remote time has now come to reverse the present  model and process of development. In the present model the administration is delivered from already developed cities and towns as these provide the cushy places for the state administrative echelons to operate from.

To achieve this the next logical step is to gather voluntary human resource in addition to one which is already posted in these areas. This human resource has to be enthusiastic, morally upright, hard working and which is ready to take calculated risk.


This can be done by  asking  for volunteers pan INDIA from amongst all India services like IAS, IPS and allied services  to serve in these affected states thus not limiting the numbers which want to participate in this national effort which otherwise would have been limited to the  cadres of these affected states only. We can ask volunteers who are willing especially from amongst young technical from  IIT’s  and non technical educated graduate/post graduates from management institutes like  IIM’s and other top ranking management institutes who are willing to be  part of this process.

These persons so selected can be on contract to be later absorbed in the services depending upon their merit, dedication, application of mind , results and delivery of programs. Mind you there are thousands educated youth unemployed wanting to participate in this honorable national task with honesty.

Let us be optimistic in assuming that our youth are interested and willing to take risks while participating in the process of national building. Let the government also ask volunteers from military and corporate world who would be willing to participate in this process of re-establishing the new development model in these difficult areas. As this model has to be established, run and settled in the most difficult terrain areas, interiors of jungles, inaccessible and remote areas to provide good governance it will not be very easy or a cushy job. We are sure that we still have 20% people from the above mentioned human resources who have the honesty and intellect to be the harbingers of this change while ushering in this new model. Next we will need to give administrative and judicial powers to the cutting edge cadres of this change. Also they need to be provided with basic amenities and incentives to build motivation and morale amongst these volunteers need to operate and perform in very harsh conditions . 

About the author:
Col. Jasjeet Singh Gill

Col. Jasjeet Singh Gill The writer, Col (retd) Jasjeet Singh Gill, took premature retirement from the Indian army in 2001. He was a founder member of the Aam Aadmi party in Punjab AS its media incharge. An environmentalist from the past two decades he left politics and was nominated as Member State Task Force of Buddha Darya Rejuvenation Project. He is an avid Sikh military historian, has keen interest in writing about people’s welfare and offers talks on radio, TV and YouTube channels on social and environmental issues besides being a member of the Public Action Committee of Punjab.

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