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·        The technical education department or the approved certifying body shall ask for applications every month from persons who like to be tested and certified.

·        A basic registration cum examination fee as decided which will cater for all categories of persons i.e. for general/reserved categories/ economically weaker sections.

·        After receipt of applications a short training program to get all candidates on the basic and same grid can be conducted.

·        Skill testing including a verbal test will be conducted in which 80% marks will be allotted for skill test and 20% marks will be allotted for verbal examination and a gradation certificate will be issued based on their performance in the tests. Experts will test and grade keeping in view the range of basic to latest technology skills set in a particular profession. Two sample copies of certificates for the proposed certification of skills, competency and experience are enclosed at the end of these paper. Any person who is still found wanting in skills should be then sent to such institutes who run such capsules courses to learn/relearn/upgrade knowledge and skill set.


For Youth:

·        A large number of youth who are in search of employment without any guidance and direction will get assistance in getting employment in the profession in which they have certain skills

·        Will assist in eradication of unemployment and frustration.

·        Many persons in their advancing age who were not able to study but are competent in their profession will get assistance in employment even at the late age of 45.

For the Government:

·        Government will gain immediate trust of the very large number of persons from all segments of society.

·        It will reduce the headache for the government by reducing the uneasiness/directionless among the youth as more persons will better employment opportunities due to this government approved certification.

·        This will immediately increase trust of youth in the present Government.

·        Will assist Government in fulfilling the promise of providing fruitful employment to a large number of unemployed persons.

·         It will help the industry to recruit suitable persons hither to fore not available in such skills and in such numbers.

·        The government will have ready database available for Strategic Technical Education Manpower Planning of the state.

Common Benefits for Government and Society

·        Reduction in growing trend of drug abuse.

·        Reduction in crime.

·        Improvement in self Confidence of the youth of the state due to technological competency which is being conferred.

No Financial burden on Government Treasury due to this certification

·        No additional burden will be put on the treasury if it decides to conduct the certification on its own as government already has instructors in Industrial Training Institutes to conduct these examinations. Industrial Training Institutes also have tools / Machinery to conduct such tests. The cost of conducting these tests will be compensated by the fee collected for such tests. If any machinery /equipment is required to conduct tests for any specialized profession then assistance from the Government/industry will be sought.

·        On the other hand if it is decided to hand it over to an independent body then that body will make all the arrangement with the best testing equipment for a particular profession and charge a reasonable fee for short training capsule, for the testing and certification.

·        Any reasonable amount of testing fee will be readily accepted by the youth as they will be getting the requisite certification after testing their claimed skills.

Basis of this Non formal Skill and Experience Certification

Almost all developed countries are adopting this system and is active in Canada and Australia. It is also called Challenge / Apprenticeship Examination and is conducted for the foreign / local Apprentices who seek certification of their non formal skills in many foreign countries.


If this system of certification of non formal skills and experience is adopted then a very large number of persons in the state will join the league of trained persons. After this system is adopted then more and more competent and experienced youth will get employment in their respective professions and will also get exposure, upgraded training and guidance to get jobs. The Government will have a ready Trained Manpower Reserve pool because this will lead to more number of technically qualified and certified youth in the total population. Due to this the new department of Employment Generation for providing employment to the youth will have a ready reserve pool of skilled manpower and statistics. With the implementation of this scheme, there will be increase in the self confidence of the youth and they will save them from being victims of various ills prevalent in the present day society especially drugs, crimes and other such bad habits. It is basically a win win situation for all the stakeholders – the youth, the parents, the society, the government and the industry.

About the author:
Col. Jasjeet Singh Gill

Col. Jasjeet Singh Gill The writer, Col (retd) Jasjeet Singh Gill, took premature retirement from the Indian army in 2001. He was a founder member of the Aam Aadmi party in Punjab AS its media incharge. An environmentalist from the past two decades he left politics and was nominated as Member State Task Force of Buddha Darya Rejuvenation Project. He is an avid Sikh military historian, has keen interest in writing about people’s welfare and offers talks on radio, TV and YouTube channels on social and environmental issues besides being a member of the Public Action Committee of Punjab.

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