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Every day we complain oneself or the other for not having possessed or achieved so and so in our lives…

And then you meet people like I met one, who change your perspective and make you believe in the utmost pure and unbiased thing, “ACTION”.

Few days back, I happen to visit my relative’s place for a week. As I keep visiting them from time to time, so neither their home nor city is alien to me. At around 10 in the morning, the bell rang, fortunately I opened the door.

There was a new face in front of me facing me with a big smile. She (Anita) came in and went straightway to the kitchen. I started following her to the kitchen and she started washing utensils. I was by then thinking of making myself a cup of tea and asked her if she wants to have. Gradually, we were talking in a friendly way and she told me that her cousin sister is vice principal of a school in Moga (Punjab), her statement shocked me and I wanted to ask her that I can see she belonged to a well to do family then why is she working as a maid ? She sensed my question and started telling me her story very graciously with pride on her face. 

I work as maid in many homes as possible so that three kids can get best Education, I have 2 daughters, one studying law another in 11th class and son is state level football player. My husband does not give a single rupee for the education of my kids, as he thinks that education will not help them earn bread. My kids are very good at studies and I stay in regular touch with their teachers. Never have they betrayed me.

They value and accept me as maid because they very well know that their mother moves out of home for their future. She told me that my son is eldest but he never demands anything from me and sometimes when hungry, cooks for himself and asking exhausted me to prepare food.

She told me that my kids are very punctual and very understanding. I have managed to educate my children in private schools till class 8th.  I have not ever discriminated between my daughters and son although the society keeps saying me to discontinue my work and let children do the work but I want my kids to have a better life. I have firm belief in their ability and I have full faith in my up bringing, that they will not let me and my love feel disrespected. 

After narrating everything, she was the same as before but my respect towards her increased. She became my role model and many such inspiring people live among us. Let us make the first move and listen to their tales .

About the author:
Shruti Bansal

Shruti Bansal The writer, Shruti Bansal, is a Research Scholar and she worked with Chandigarh Group of Colleges (CGC, Landran) as an Assistant Professor. She is an avid reader and writer and has published one Fiction Novel “JOURNEY OF THE LETTERS”. She loves to write poems and articles on current issues.

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