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Education, which makes no change of betterment in the life of oneself and society, is of no use at all. Education in real sense brings understanding, emotions, empathy and critical thinking and part of education is also the degree of Ph.D. Doctorate (the word came from a Latin word “Docere” means “to teach” and in English it is adopted as doctorate) of philosophy (it is a Greek word “Philosophia” where philo means “Love” and Sophia means “wisdom”)  (Ph.D.) so Ph.D. means to teach love for wisdom. Do we still stand honestly with the meaning of Ph.D? We do not! 

The eligible assistant professors, associate professors and professors in Government institutes, who can serve as guide to the Ph.D aspirants demolish their flying dreams. An aspirant begs such teachers keeping his/her self respect aside so that the teacher agrees to guide him/her for research work but in most of the cases aspirants are given the following replies by the professors.

I do not have any vacant seat, (as there are certain number of specified seats to be allotted) but the reality is the professor lies to the aspirant because the vacant seats are kept reserved for wealthy students.

Submit your resume to me, I will give you a call when suitable (Such calls never come from professors, so, do not waste paper) Recommending other professors and giving their phone number and also states to you to not mention his/her name before the recommended professor ( either the call does not get answered or in case it is picked, they also do not have their precious seat for you) Submit your research proposal and leave. (which is never actually read by them)

Nowadays everyone is running for Ph.D., try some other avenue or start working.

The above mentioned are those professors, who dare not say a direct NO to you, so they make up such excuses and you keep waiting in the hope of ever being called back.

I cannot guide you. (After listening this, you do not stand in their office anymore and do not even manage to ask WHY?)

As a result of above mentioned reason is diversion of Ph.D. aspirants towards Private universities who charge in lakhs. At this age when a youngster should be able to earn, he/she is still dependent on his parents or spouse for Ph.D. fees as in Government institute, scholar in case is JRF (Junior Research Fellowship is eligible for the scholarship but under Private Universities, he/she has to pay). And on the top of it, Ph.D. is going to be made compulsory for being eligible to teach in universities. 

My suggestion (on the behalf of Research scholars and Ph.D aspirants) is to maintain transparency and make those accountable who are eligible to guide 8 scholars and guide 2 scholars and rest 6 scholars run to private universities. This not only make the aspirants doubt their own self but also the quality of research in India is sacrificed. 

Since ages scholars are compelled to forget their individuality before their guide. My question is for what sin are we supposed to do so? With this present condition, Doctorate of Philosophy is losing its charm.

About the author:
Shruti Bansal

Shruti Bansal The writer, Shruti Bansal, is a Research Scholar and she worked with Chandigarh Group of Colleges (CGC, Landran) as an Assistant Professor. She is an avid reader and writer and has published one Fiction Novel “JOURNEY OF THE LETTERS”. She loves to write poems and articles on current issues.

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