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The popular culture on rise, social culture’s influence in shaping the pop culture’s swaying effects, the role of cultural production as a form of social reproduction, individuals developing perspectives fed by the prevailing patterns of social proceedings and the extent to which its audience exercise agency in determining the meanings of the culture that they consume depicts the conflict of elements reluctant to change with the evolution of traditional functioning of gender relations causing merely the portrayal of behaviour to change instead of active change which demands positive acceptance of the flaws that line traditional system with respect to its proud practice of hegemonic masculinity, misogyny, violence, patriarchy, and so on.

The vicious cycle that ensues.

Of ignorance, of toxicity, and much more lined up in a sequence to nurture the predecessor reflects in the crime rates where its existence is acceptable to some extent but the reflection along with acceptance and celebration of the same in every other avenue from the much celebrated pop culture (be it Sidhu Moosewala or Pandit brothers) to the nation’s education policy, bluntly flaunt the flaws that accompany this structural evolution which like almost every other thing stands victim to status quo.

Blind faith’s triumph over the much needed scientific temperament and last but not least implementation.

As of narrowed down current narrative taken into consideration, the ancient masculine instinct embedded deep within consciousness of the victims of devout adherence to the social order, has grown a façade, gripping art as its way out.

Literature, music, theatre, and such other mediums are to some extent being used for the frustrated expressions which the evolved social structure failed to adapt explicitly thus trivializing the concept of gender relations based on equality by creating content that portrays the concept of feminism and LGBTQ equality wave as something meager.


On March 20, 2020, four rape convicts were hanged for a brutal crime they committed back in 2012. Following those executions life continues and so does the criminal conduct.

Were those life sentences enough to halt rape?

According to statistical data, that wasn’t enough. It is barbaric of man’s nature to take away the lives that their own well formed societies morally nurtured; Did those executions put a halt to the rape culture that we amplify through our very basic procedures of life?

We’re in the boots on the moon mission yet haven’t overcome animalistic ways of punishments, just kill the visible flaws. Because improvision or rooting out of such tendencies from our lifestyles is way out of our social auras puffed with misinterpreted holiness, arrogance and ignorance.

Few months after those executions our judicial ‘karens’ are ruling out rapes in favour of accused because the Indian woman conducted way out of her culture by dozing off after being raped , for what even is consent or fatigue or trauma!

Tying off a rakhi to a harasser is enough of safety for a woman who came out with her problems despite being surrounded by highly biased society where in local terms respect exists reserved only for the deity plastered in holiness.


Life being imperfect, it proceeds with duality, atleast in third worlds. There are dual components controlling the lives of individuals, constitutional culture and the societal benevolence. The duality exists perhaps only in flawed democracies or to be accurately deep flawed social structures.

Education and awareness seem to be the only way out, which too being in control of problematically positioned genders within a changing social context is unjustly withheld from sporting this narrative to the extent that it should be.

About the author:
Nirlep Kaur Gill

Nirlep Kaur Gill The writer, Nirlep Kaur Gill, studies social sciences at Khalsa College Amritsar. She indulges in literature, pop culture and politics. And, her interest areas are English literature and world politics. She can be contacted at: [email protected]

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