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A secret report submitted to white house by US’s intelligence agency has disclosed that China concealed the number of total Corona virus cases and deaths caused by it. The report which was made by three top officials in US, reached to the conclusion that numbers of virus cases were fake, underreported and concealed.

So far there’s no word by the two countries on confirmation or disagreement to the intel reports.

US government is asking for more cooperation from the eastern country, however, in a cold war like scenario both sides are blaming each other for COVID-19 spread. However US have cleared air on the trade deal as a quid pro quo arrangement. “We’d like to keep it, they’d like to keep,” Bloomberg last week quoted US president Donald Trump, who was speaking on $250 billion trade deal, adding that Beijing would purchase American products,

The urns filled with ashes after funeral is piling up in Hubei province where the virus was reported in 2019, but, China reported 82,000 cases and 3,300 deaths, against much higher figures in reality, a move seen as protecting country’s financial interests. The figures merging form China were confirmed by John Hopkins University. “More cases higher skepticism leasing to trust deficit and bigger losses,” said a Chinese businessman in India.

Republicans in the US, to which Trump belongs, have been selectively blaming china’s role in the outbreak, a move seen as helping the case Potus politically.

China see blame on them as an attempt by US to divert attention from surging deaths in US and the West. US last week reported 245,000 corona positive cases, and 10,000 plus deaths, way past figures from China which is number five on the tally chart.

“There was no way for data faking in China, especially for an incident that has drawn such widespread attention,” wrote Hu Xijin editor-in-chief of China’s state run Global times, wrote on his social media account. He said China managed to curtail the death toll in Hubei by sending medical workers and equipment from other parts of country. He adds that it was not practically possible to fake figures, as then the risk of landing in serious trouble could be very high.

Western world which is in grip of the disease is raising fingers on Iran, Russia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabi, Egypt and North Korean also fudging the figures. In the scenario of hide more and show less, US secretary of state Michael Pompeo while speaking to reporters that data matters. “I would urge every nation: Do your best to collect data. Do your best to share that information. We are doing it” Bloomberg quoted Pompeo. Say your mind, speak up the way out. Dissect it.

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