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The world is silent, roads are cleaner and the minty breeze is blowing that gives the feeling of lungs freshening up. However, there’s a noise building up in the backdrop and there’s no escaping, it’s always there, in or around our head, like low radio chatter, or a mosquito buzzing past. The background music is of the pandemic, and in the subconscious, it’s amplifying the sound of life-threatening COVID19 outbreak.

Life’s pendulum shakes between work con-calls, to-do lists, and friends, relatives, siblings, children, parents living at a distance, continuously poking you over the phone and or the linkages on social sites. They are seeking to talk, like never before…madly, insistently. The concerns are natural to know the well being as everyone is vulnerable so much so that if caught in the flu, it’s contagious nature can’t bring anyone closure but would set apart, further.  

Also on the mind are bare-essentials shopping exp­editions and a break to do the dishes and extending a helping hand in keeping home, turned into a work area, clean. These issues were never bothering the working class before the lockdown, but now, wife and mother need a helping hand in mopping and cleaning, while son, father, and husband are reluctant. “Not me. I won’t (mop the floor)”. But they don’t miss to ask, “What’s for lunch?”

  In the tug of war for mopping the floor and other household chores, the thought prevails; Is everything alright in the world? There are bigger worries: Death and pestilence.

Back again to: Are we alright? The question one doesn’t want to ask, but it strikes back like a pendulum, repeatedly, again and again.

This ghostly corona of fear already rings us: not the virus itself but the cloud of mental demons it flies in with. It infects the entire human race with a varying degrees—this species of anxiety, this nervousness of the age. It’s like a crash test on the psychological health of a world that has not seen a moment of collective trauma like this for several generations.

The Corona ghost is mocking our insurance policies, our diet plans, the pile of multi-vitamins we have consumed in building immunity, our gated communities, our medicines, and all the instruments we are using to secure our lives seems to have been dwarfed by the virus threat.

While the entire class of animals is enjoying the exclusiveness and birds are chirruping fearlessly in the absence of us humans, left us to worry, are the stocks full, enough to last the lockdown; lest the shops are shut permanently.

There’s yet another big fight before us. All of us are inundated in gush of bad news, the number of casualties, the rising number of “positives” and China taking over the world economy and US can’t afford to have another idiot like (US President) Donald Trump as its head.

No wonder, there are signs of trauma and dep­ression, and a spike in cases of domestic violence, besides those addicted are fighting withdrawal symptoms. Are we on the pages of dystopian novel or facing a mordant truth?

It’s not about science and the virus, or being able to buy essentials. World is not normal. Stress is taking its toll, no less than a mental pandemic. We are faced with a colossal challenge to our collective sanity of mankind.

An advisory by World Health Organisation issued in March month suggests to:

  • Minimize watching, reading, and listening the news about CIVID19, as it may make one feel anxious or distressed.
  • It’d not mandatory to reading what we have written about depression of 2020
  • Do not refer COVID 19 as a disease and also not link to any ethnicity or nationality (though contrary to the advice Trump referred it as a Chinese Virus).
  • Not to refer people with disease as COVID19 cases, victims or families 
  • Protect oneself and support others
  • Make efforts to amplify the positivity and helpful stories. We pulled out a  picture of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish taking a stroll alongwith their pet. Another is of a happy family in Calgary
  • Help children to express their feeling about stress and anxiety and indulge yourself and your children in playful activities staying at home

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