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India is a Pharmacy of the world; and is dominating the Generic Medicine market around the Globe. But here in India we remained unable to deliver the fruits of the Pharma revolution as the domestic market is dominated by Branded Products and ironically even the Generic Medicines are also available as branded ones.


Vested Interests confuse the masses by casting doubts on the quality of Generic Medicines, which are quite economical in comparison to popular branded products in the market. However the Drug Department has not set different standards for Branded and Generic medicines. Medical fraternity terms the prescription medicines as Branded and ethical and all others like promoted or substituted by chemists as Generic. In the present pharmaceutical scenario 2 types of marketing approach is being adopted, Prescriptions by Doctors (Ethical/Branded) and Substitution/Pushing by Chemists ( Generics Marketing ). In both the cases MRP of the medicines is kept quite high to incentivise the stakeholders and to take care of marketing costs.


In India  around 25% of the patients have to borrow money for hospitalisation and half the patients abandon the treatment because of the high cost of medicines.By rough estimates medicines contribute 60 percent of the total treatment cost in India. To reduce the cost of healthcare, it is necessary to reduce this cost and make affordable medicines available to the general public

For fulfillment of its commitment , various schemes were launched by the Government of India like ” Health Assurance for A, JAN AUSHADHI , AMRIT  and GENERIC STORES etc., were put into play . However the system developed many pitfalls due to faulty pricing and discount policies and as a result desired benefit excluded the end user.
The  Government spending  on health care is just 1.15% of GDP. Private Hospitals provide healthcare to around 70 % of the population so it is impossible to reduce the cost without involving the Pharmaceutical Companies.


Dr Best, is the proud pioneer of the low MRP concept in the private sector and makes the life of the patients easier by reducing the treatment cost. Company claims to deliver Quality medicines at Affordable Prices, which are upto 80 % economical in comparison to same compositions available in market. At present there are only 5-6 serious players in the low MRP based Generic Market.

Dr Best has written a new script in the Indian Pharmaceutical Marketing by making people aware about Generics and offering them low MRP alternates so that a patient gets a fair deal without begging or arguing for discounts”. 

Not only lacks in Primary Health Care Service but also has a lower Doctor- Patient ratio than recommended by WHO and fearing CORONAVIRUS many of them have shut down their operations. While this is having a catastrophic effect on the Healthcare system which itself is on ventilator but on other hand puts it on the path of transformation.  Online consultation is a new trend; more and more people are now opting for this service.
Trend for online consultation is finding favour specially in Covid times & the Tele-Medicines platforms are expecting an increased influx of doctors. The Teleconsultation is growing at an avg. of 100% week on week & there is a quantum in the number of doctors joining such platforms.

Ashwini Bhalla , CEO Dr. Best said that the company plans to open 1000 Online Consultation Kiosks upto 2021.He added that Dr. Best stores would have Tele-Consultation & Lab Facility apart from serving the online orders.

About the author:
Rajesh Dhingra

Rajesh Dhingra The Writer of this marketing feature, Rajesh Dhingra is Managing Director of Dr Best Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. He has vast experience in the pharmaceutical sector and has started an endeavor across the country to provide affordable medicines

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