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In NaMo 2.0, Hindustan not a Lynchistan anymore (DEBATE)

India, or in a patriotic way it’s called Hindustan, in which atleast 1.35 billion people live. But ever wonder it’s turning into a Lynchistan?

46 persons were lynched to death over rumors of cow smuggling and child lifting, since April of 2017. During this time six deaths each reported from Maharashtra and Jharkhand, three in Telangana, two each in Assam and Tamil Nadu and one each in Gujarat, Chattisgarh, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh, according to a report in India’s leading English daily The Times of India.

Is it the rumors spread over the social media and lack of trust leading some people to take a drastic step of being part of an unruly mob, and take someone’s life simply by thrashing the person innocent or not, could have been told if one died of lynching were alive.

Anybody could be in place of Mohammed Azam of Hyderabad who worked as a techie with Accenture, witness to Lyching near his home and 47 days later he lost his life the same way, in July of 2017, lynched by a mob when on a fun trip with friends. There are 45 other such heart wrenching stories. One can imagine the pain dead went through and what the rest of world thinks about the incident when the news spreads.

That was story two years ago.

A common man feeling unsafe while in a public place, in a train or a market place, is a very saddening trend for a nation. Why so? It’s not easy to dissect. We want you to write your comments, atleast 200 words so that we make this country a place full of love and trust. Speak out how things have changed in NaMo 2.0 innings. Let’s Dissect it.

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