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Any parallel between Baba Ramdev and Billy Graham ? (TRIVIA)

William Franklin Graham popularly known as Billy Graham an evangelist from USA, died on February 21 in 2018 living long life, missed completing a full century, just short of eight months and a few weeks. He was born in North Carolina and remained a television personality for decades.

A prominent and aggressive Christian preacher of his time, Billy Graham was a spiritual adviser to US presidents, giving them counseling. He remained in close touch with 33rdPresident Harry S. Truman to 44th Barack Obama and was considered very close to Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon. He worked to earn support on Nixon in the presidential polls of 1960; which Nixon also acknowledged. Billy on political stages preached Christianity.

In 1957, as part of his racial integration program he invited King Martin Luther Jr. a human rights leader to jointly preach in New York.

In India Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev, (52) a staunch Hindu, runs multi-billion Ayurveda products business by name of Patanjali, and organises mass camps to stay fit. The broadcast of these Yoga camps earned huge television rating points for the television channels.

Baba, a prominent Hindu face, tacitly supported Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his poll campaign in 2014, helping him take the Hindu agenda forward.  In a number of mass camps organised by Baba Ramdev before 2014 polls, the top leaders of Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) sat beside him on the stage and Baba indulged the yoga enthusiasts to chant “Bharat mata ki jai”, the theme slogan of BJP also. After Modi won, Ramdev claimed to have “prepared the ground for the political change” in Modi’s victory.

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